Use stones on jewelry for extra ordinary effect

Use stones on jewelry for extra ordinary effect

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Everyone in this world has a desire to look attractive and smart. For this, people wear designer clothes and jewelries. These jewelries have stones embedded in it which adds a royal look to the wearer of the jewelry. Diamonds are one of the stones which are really impressive. They come in different colors and shapes and colorful orange diamond is the rarest of all the diamonds.

Rarest colors of diamonds

Diamonds are really precious and they are of many different colors. Few colors of diamonds are rarely found, they are as follows:

  • Red, blue and Green diamond
  • Yellow and orange diamond

Advantages of diamond investment

Diamonds are most precious stones and they are very beautiful to give to someone as a gift. Giving a diamond as a gift to anyone is a status symbol. Purchasing a diamond can give you the benefit of luxury and beauty. There are many more advantages of diamonds like –

  • If you purchase a diamond you will not get any cost of maintaining the diamond as it is very durable. The price of diamond will not get affected during recession. Diamonds are really prestigious and have the same value everywhere in the world.
  • Diamonds have spiritual values in them, they are inspired with protection and strength. It is believed by people that wearing these stones will give some strength and protection to the person, who will wear it.

Wearing diamonds can easily enhance your love life, sensuality, romance, sexuality and you will see an improvement in the marriage life. Diamonds also bring the benefit of serenity and peace to the person who wears it. So, diamonds also have some healing effect on the body. When looking forward to get one make sure that you invest in a real diamond. So, check for its authenticity before purchasing it.

Shapes of diamonds   

Diamonds are made in different sizes and shapes some of which are as follows –

Princes cut diamond – This shape of diamond is really very beautiful and attractive. They are square and rectangular in shape which gives them a royal and decent look, while wearing it. Princes cut diamond has a special feature of color visibility in each and every corner of it.

Emerald cut diamond – It is famous for its antique design which is cut down into the pavilion of it. This diamond has clarity in every corner which makes it look beautiful. It also makes colors and illusions; this makes it more attractive and eye catching.

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