Skirt the issue: Which style is best?

Skirt the issue: Which style is best?

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Fitted or flared? Asymmetric or wrap-around? Whatever the style of skirt, we sure love them!

Women have always had a long love affair with skirts. You wear them as a child, then as a teenager. Not all women wear skirts once they are adults, especially if they are conscious of their bodies. But those who do will tell you that skirts are a whole world of fun!

If you’re mulling over wearing skirts more often, then you’re in luck. There are many styles and fits to pick from on leading women’s online shopping apps, so let’s get you started on the most common ones:

* Fitted. Fitted skirts veer more into the formal wear category. These are normally made of cotton, though some might feature a blend to offer a more fluid, stretchable fit. These look great with a thick belt, a white cotton shirt, and basic black pumps. If you’re headed out to a meeting or have a presentation with the seniors at work, just throw on a formal jacket on your shoulders and you’re good to go. Download a good women’s online shopping app like Jabong and browse for fitted skirts in colours like charcoal grey, black, red and navy blue.

* Flared. A flared skirt offers more room for movement and it is a more casual style than the fitted one. That is not to say, however, that a flared skirt may not be used at the workplace or for a formal occasion. Where you can wear the flared skirt often depends on the material and the print on the skirt. For example, a fun and floral print with a peasant blouse is great for an evening at the movies. Meanwhile, a lightly flared skirt with a fitted top can be worn to work, especially on casual Fridays.

* Asymmetric. A skirt with an asymmetric hem is like a bit of a dare thrown to the world. It shows that your style has an eccentric edge and you’re not afraid to experiment with your look. Besides, this style of skirt works very well to show off your toned legs. However, don’t opt for an asymmetric hem if you have a pear shaped body, because this style tends to draw attention to the hips more than the upper body. Normally, women with thin waists and hips can opt for this style. Leading online shopping apps for women like Jabong offer not just asymmetric hems, but other fun styles too.

* Straight. This is a basic skirt style that does not hug the body the way a fitted skirt does. It is more versatile than a fitted formal skirt, since it can transition from formal to casual with just a change in blouse. For instance, a skirt with a geometric print can be worn to work with a simple white or black shirt, but it can transform into a party animal with a tank top or tube top.

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