5 Easy Pointers For Buying Your Next Washing Machine!

5 Easy Pointers For Buying Your Next Washing Machine!

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With dozens of models being launched every year, selecting a washing machine for your home can be confusing. Most buyers have an inclination towards certain brands, but for an appliance that will be used on a regular basis, you must contemplate on many necessary factors. In this post, let’s discuss five major pointers about selecting a washing machine.

  • Capacity. This refers to the weight of clothes you can put in one cycle of washing/drying. For smaller homes with no more than four people, a 6+ kg machine can be considered sufficient. Of course, there are bigger ones, as well, but keep in mind that more capacity means that the machine will also use more power and water, which can add to the costs.

  • Brand. Some brands are more popular than others. Always go for a product that comes with decent brand-backed support, because eventually with years of use, you will need repairs, replacement of parts. Select a brand that doesn’t compromise on consumer support. Some of the known global brands include Haier, Danby, Amana, LG and Whirlpool. You can also check https://www.meselectros.com/categorie-produit/laveuses/ for options.
  • Choices. The most common options include a semi-automatic and a fully-automatic washing machine. With semi-automatic machines, you need to intervene in the washing cycle, which can be beneficial when you want to scrub a few clothes. These machines also tend to cheaper, and typically speaking, are also easier to repair. On the other hand, fully-automatic washing machines are ideal for homeowners who don’t have a lot of time. These are usually more compact and can be placed effectively anywhere in the laundry room.

  • Top load vs. Front load. Front load machines are usually gentle on clothes and are good for smoother cleaning, while the top-load variants consume lesser power and are usually cheaper. This is more of a personal choice.
  • Other things to check. Contemporary washing machines have a great number of features, including settings for different types of clothes. You may want to consider what’s on offer before taking a call. Energy-star rating is also something to consider because bigger washers can consume a considerable amount of power. If you are concerned about water usage, opt for the front load ones.

Finally, set a budget for your purchase. Expensive machines can cost more than $300, but the features and brand are often worth considering that kind of price. Check online now to make your shortlist.

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